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Run shoe levers and footbeds - Slowtwitch
Those who are anti-orthotic and who are up on the literature are probably going to cite the research and writings of Benno Nigg , PhD, University of Calgary, who concludes that orthotics prevent neuromuscular and anatomic inputs necessary for a proper.

High-tech runners not worth the price: expert
Spending hundreds of dollars to get the latest in running shoe technology isn't as effective at preventing injury as simply buying a pair that's comfortable, a Calgary researcher and author says. Dr. Benno Nigg, co-director the University of Calgary's.

'Comfort' In Running Shoes May Not Mean What You Think It Means - Lifehacker Australia
Based on the lack of conclusive evidence for [foot strike and pronation], which were once thought to be the prime predictors of running injuries, two new paradigms are suggested to elucidate the association between footwear and injury. These two.

No Proof That Barefoot Running Reduces Risk Of Injuries, Study Finds - Medical Daily
Barefoot running doesn't have any greater or lesser risk of injuries than wearing shoes , says new research — it's simply another running style, with no more or less benefit for your feet. Creative Commons ... A new study conducted by Benno Nigg and.

Myths run to ground: picking the best running shoes
He has a point. Two years ago a review of decades’ worth of ­research into running shoes and their link with injuries came up with the most unlikely conclusion. Publishing findings in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Benno Nigg, an emeritus.

Do You Need Insoles? -
The insole market is multi-million dollar industry in the U.S., and with more options available than ever (from over-the-counter versions at your specialty running store to expensive custom orthotics), the two questions many runners ask themselves are.

U of C professor a pioneer of peak athletic performance - Calgary Herald
Like many Calgarians, Benno Nigg has been distracted by the month-long spectacle known as the World Cup. “Switzerland, of course,” says the expat Swiss with a hearty chuckle when asked if he has a favourite team. “Who else?” Unlike his fellow soccer&nbsp.

Why your running shoe is not worth the money
A new analysis of 134,867 reviews of running shoes found that ... those who chose shoes purely for comfort were the least likely to injure themselves. "Try on four or five pairs," Dr Benno Nigg told The New York Times, suggesting buyers jog around the.

Nike Says This Shoe Will Propel Runners to a Sub-Two-Hour Marathon - WIRED
Today Nike unveils the Zoom Vaporfly Elite, a concept running shoe that three world-class runners will wear this spring during the Breaking2 initiative to run a sub-two-hour race. Given the trajectory of human athletic performance—in 1906 ... bursts.

Pick Running Shoes Based on Comfort to Prevent Foot Injury
In the meantime the results of a study by Benno Nigg from the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary suggests that if running shoes feel comfortable they may reduce the risk of injury. His team gave soldiers a choice of six different shoe.

Barefoot vs. shod running: It's a dead heat - The Globe and Mail
That suggests that running shoe choice is highly personal – which, as it happens, is the conclusion that Dr. Benno Nigg , the recently retired University of Calgary shoe guru, recently advanced, also in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Concepts.

Everything You Think You Know About Choosing The "Right" Running Sneakers Is Wrong
Today, The New York Times has highlighted a new review from Dr. Benno Nigg ... "right" way to choose your running shoes? It's actually quite simple: just cop whatever's comfortable. In a 2011 study overseen by Dr. Nigg, soldiers were asked to test.

The Once and Future Way to Run - New York Times
The rest wore Vibram FiveFingers — a rubber foot glove with no heel cushion or arch support — or Spartacus-style sandals, or other superlight “minimalist” running shoes . Larson surreptitiously recorded them all, wondering how many (if any) had what.

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