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Debunking the myth of specialized running shoes - Globe and Mail
quot;I was completely convinced that impact is something bad, and pronation is something bad, and I wanted to show that," recalls Benno Nigg , a biomechanics researcher and co-director of the University of Calgary's Human Performance Lab, who helped shape&nbsp.

Nike make huge claim over what new shoe will allow marathon runners to achieve - GiveMeSport
Nike have unveiled their new Zoom Vaporfly Elite, a concept shoe that will be worn by three world-class runners during the Spring Breaking2initiative who will hope to run the first sub two-hour marathon. The continued evolution of marathon running.

The Running Shoe Debate: How Barefoot Runners are Shaping the Shoe Industry
A study from 1980, which was repeatedly cited by shoe experts at the New Balance labs, reveals how much more prevalent heel-to-toe running is. Analyzing the form of 753 runners, biomechanical researcher Benno Nigg found that 80 percent of runners.

Myths run to ground: picking the best running shoes - The Australian
Two years ago a review of decades' worth of research into running shoes and their link with injuries came up with the most unlikely conclusion. Publishing findings in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Benno Nigg , an emeritus professor of.

Barefoot vs. shod running: It's a dead heat - The Globe and Mail
That suggests that running shoe choice is highly personal – which, as it happens, is the conclusion that Dr. Benno Nigg , the recently retired University of Calgary shoe guru, recently advanced, also in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Concepts.

The New Running 101 - Men's Fitness
More than 200 of the world's top experts from both the academic and the commercial side of the running industry, including Romanov, descended on the University of Calgary to celebrate the career of a beloved running biomechanist, Benno Nigg , Ph.D., the.

Pick Running Shoes Based on Comfort to Prevent Foot Injury
In the meantime the results of a study by Benno Nigg from the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary suggests that if running shoes feel comfortable they may reduce the risk of injury. His team gave soldiers a choice of six different shoe.

Fitness & Nutrition - New York Times (blog)
In one study discussed in his new book, “Biomechanics of Sport Shoes ,” Dr. Nigg sent a talented distance runner to five certified orthotics makers. Each made a different type of insert to “correct” his pronation. The athlete wore each set of orthotics.

5 myths about running you can ignore - Men's Fitness
But quite frankly, it doesn't matter what fad is in—all that matters is what's comfortable to you, according to a review from biomechanics expert Benno Nigg . In the review, Nigg ... Nigg's own 2001 study suggests simply choosing the shoe that feels.

5 shoes to rock your world
Toning, for example, has no standard definition so it can't be measured, said Benno Nigg, director of ... wearers are discouraged from running or jumping in some of the brands. Still, some published studies show that unstable shoes do change your body's.

Can fitness shoes firm your butt? - Chicago Tribune (blog)
Experts emphasize that it's the squats and lunges -- not the shoes -- that will revolutionize America's glutes; the health claims amount to hype and clever marketing. Toning, for example, has no standard definition so it can't be measured, said Benno.

Busting myths about running shoes and running injuries - MinnPost
Most important feature of running shoes : Comfort Physicians News Digest.

Everything You Think You Know About Choosing The "Right" Running Sneakers Is Wrong
Today, The New York Times has highlighted a new review from Dr. Benno Nigg ... "right" way to choose your running shoes? It's actually quite simple: just cop whatever's comfortable. In a 2011 study overseen by Dr. Nigg, soldiers were asked to test.

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