Chilkoot Pass Dyeable Shoe

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Snow Job: How Hollywood Fakes Winter on Film
Charlie Chaplin's groundbreaking silent film comedy found inspiration in the historical Klondike Gold Rush, and led the auteur to drag the production's cast and crew to snowy, rustic Trukee, Nevada to serve as the scenic Chilkoot Pass in Alaska.

The men who moil for gold
The first I ever heard of Chilkoot Pass or the Klondike or “the men who moil for gold” was from my maternal grandfather ... “You don’t really need shoes over all of that, do you?”; past Deep Lake (23 miles), where I was forced to assemble.

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“I make every bridal shoe in dyeable satin, so you could wear them again, but you’d lose the memento, and then you’d wear those dyed shoes once and ruin those ‘bridal shoes.’ Most women never throw them out.” Weitzman says his success in this.

To the point: Beware - the spirit of the gold rush is still with us
And the legend within the legend centres on the terrifying Golden Stairs on the Chilkoot Pass, the most direct route from Alaska to the gold panning beds. The Golden Stairs were 1,500 precarious steps chiselled into the ice on the final leg of the pass.

A look at Seattle during the Klondike Gold Rush, when the population surged
The Seattle Times recently published a piece comparing today's population boom to that of the Klondike Gold Rush, and the data behind it are pretty eye-opening. If Seattleites were skeptical about whether the city has been growing fast, they should stop.

Oldest neighborhood in Seattle puts its sometimes-sordid past on display
Seattle became the supply center and jumping-off point for 30,000 miners who traveled by sea from Seattle to Skagway, then by land over steep Chilkoot Pass or White Pass to ... then returned to Seattle and went into the shoe business with a partner.

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The most common route was to travel by rail to the Alaskan towns of Skagway and Dyea, cross the Coast Mountains through the Chilkoot Pass to Lake Bennett on foot ... A crew member's coat and shoes were left on the deck, perhaps shed as he attempted.

Canada: Bear necessities in the Yukon
for the most part losing their shoe leather, belongings ... the final uphill push to the Chilkoot Pass. In that first winter of the gold rush, Stampeders, and sometimes their wives and children, trudged over the pass carrying things such as iron stoves.

Dyea’s 120-year old false front tells a story
Gregg, of Victoria, British Columbia traveled over the Chilkoot Pass on May 31, 1898 ... glass and ceramic shards, a leather shoe sole with a maker’s mark, and the partial upper of another small shoe, a six-inch length of 1/2-inch (inner diameter.

A Window On Alaska's Golden Past
SKAGWAY, ALASKA — With barely a half-hour to get back to the ... From here, Klondikers would head to Dawson City on either the Chilkoot or White Pass trails. Stampeders spent an average of three months on the Chilkoot, hauling everything on their backs.

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