Ellie Angie Chap Boots

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Who will take home Emmys this year? Here are our predictions
Julie Klausner of "Difficult People." Rashida Jones of "Angie Tribeca." Sharon Horgan of "Catastrophe." Sarah Jessica Parker of "Divorce." Since they aren't, and Ellie Kemper is, why not reward her for the gradually wisening naif she plays so irresistibly.

We transcribed the entire ‘Hamilton’ Grammy acceptance rap for you — here it is
Tommy Kail set the stage to kick our boots through. Bill Sherman ... Always inspiring me to pull through. Vanessa, Angie, Illie, Ellie, we adore you. Sebastian, Daddy’s bringing home a Grammy for you. You can also watch the rap here.

Angie walked out on her children to put HER happiness first. And she hasn't a shred of remorse
She had a seemingly perfect life living in a seven-bed house with her family But Angie said she was 'bored' with her marriage She sought out an old flame on Facebook and they had an affair She then left her husband and two sons to be with her lover Her.

How Warren Beatty Seduced America
How Warren Beatty shined ... a guy with funny shoes on. Strange shoes. She stared at me and I stared at her. I said, 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry, forgive me. But I just couldn't help it.' " 'That's okay. What's your name?' " 'Warren Beatty.

Mom-to-Be Kourtney Kardashian Borrows Kylie Jenner’s Mini Dress – and Looks Amazing
Her mama would be oh-so proud: Kourtney Kardashian is jumping on Kris Jenner‘s bandwagon. Taking a page straight out of the family matriarch’s style book, the mom-to-be raided her youngest sister Kylie‘s closet — and struck gold. Kardashian, 35.

Who has the lowest prices on school suppiles?
Ellie Hoffman, who we found at Target ... That's especially true with pants, gym shoes and backpacks, where your child can try them on. Meantime, dollar stores may be even cheaper than Walmart on some items, but don't expect a very wide selection.

This simple test will tell you how long you’re going to live
Just stand up, take off your shoes ... It’s harder than this chap is making it look – and it reveals a lot about muscle strength and balance. The scores are a clear indicator of how long you’re going to live. You start with 10 points and lose.

Ellie Goulding Reacts To Niall Horan Romance Backlash: Is It Still On?
Ellie, like every 1D love interest before her, is learning that the Directioners can be pretty protective of their boys. But is she actually willing to put up with all the criticism for a shot at love with Niall? In a new interview Ellie, 26, revealed that.

the final word.... from Badgers wife
this is the Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog where the Dailykos community gets together to talk about all things construction and repair. Our genial and expert staff stand ready to aid you on your.

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