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Skincare companies target younger women for wrinkle creams
Protecting your skin from the sun and environmental stress is really important, particularly if you want to proactively delay the signs of ageing," says Dr. Mike Bell, Skincare Scientific Advisor for Boots ... and day creams, aimed at women aged 25-35.

The Top 6 Cosmetic Procedures and Anti-Aging Products for Men
One of the biggest misconceptions and busted myths I see in my office is that cosmetic dermatology only applies to women ... all over their face and neck. They start to see their skin lose radiance and look weather beaten from sun damage.

Boots face cream flies off the shelves
The serum is aimed at older women, aged 40-plus, but people of all ages have been buying it." The claim was echoed by staff at Boots branches ... levels of fibrillin in the skin, which is damaged by the effects of ageing and sun exposure.

The one thing you need to know about skin ageing
In a groundbreaking Multi-Decade & Ethnicity (MDE) study last year, Olay discovered that 8% of women are 'exceptional skin agers', sharing 'a ... Regenerist 3 Point Super Age Defying Cream is available from Boots. For more details, visit the Olay website.

Do Powders With SPF Offer Adequate Sun Protection?
Sunscreen may be a must, but it is often so greasy and thick, lots of women prefer to skip it in favour of skincare and makeup products with SPF. But, these products can't provide the same level of protection as sunscreen and leave your skin prone to sun.

Got itchy skin? It could be dermatitis
Women have a slightly higher incidence of sensitive skin (51% vs 46%). However, it can occur in all ages and all skin types. Sensitivity is thought to be more common in the summer months, potentially due to UV inflammation from the sun. Reactions reflect a.

5 Habits to Keep Your Skin Radiant
I have dry skin, so I make sure to give it lots of nutrients and good moisturizers while also keeping out of the sun. What do you do to keep your skin looking radiant? Do you wash it with certain cleansers? Use special creams? Get an inside look at some of.

25 Coconut Oil Recipes That Can Replace All Of Your Health And Beauty Products
From shaving cream to soap, you’re going to find the perfect ... oils to create a rich and creamy lather that will help to soften skin as you shave. This is great for men and women alike and it smells wonderful. Coconut oil, course salt or sugar and.

The Differences Between Melasma, Sun Spots, and Other Skin Spots
Generally, it appears in women in their 20s ... when exposed to too much sun. If you are trying to get rid of existing freckles, Dr. Devgan recommends starting with topical skin products, specifically retinoid creams and high-potency vitamin C serum.

7 French beauty secrets every woman should steal
French women are ... good hair, skin and makeup and no one just wakes up in the morning and looks like that.” Refresh your routine with the newest French beauty secret L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Centella Repair Cica-cream. Available in Boots stores.

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