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Doomfist Finally Comes To Overwatch
At long last, Overwatch’s gauntlet-wearing villain Doomfist is seeing the light of day. The new character has been teased since before publisher Blizzard even released Overwatch, and now, players can finally try him out on Overwatch’s public test.

Forget Mars. Here’s Where We Should Build Our First Off-World Colonies
Certainly, the advent of advanced propulsion technologies, shrinking the travel time between Earth and Mars from a year or so down to weeks would change these considerations, but right now the various Mars colonization proposals (at least the developed.

Don't Eat Your Coconut Oil, Use It For This Stuff Instead
Treat Your Feet Take care of cracked heels by applying a little coconut oil to your feet at night, putting on some socks, and then leaving the oil to soak into your dry heels overnight. You’ll wake up to much softer, much more moisturized, tootsies.

Tampa Sports Teams Offer To Provide Funds For Removal Of Confederate Statue
The Tampa Bay Lighting, Rays, and Buccaneers have just released a joint statement in which they offer to provide financial resources necessary to remove a Confederate monument from downtown Tampa. This followed a pledge from former NFL coach Tony Dungy to.

Updated! Hey, Here's That Obviously Fake 'Dossier' Claiming Trump Is Into Golden Showers!
There's no reason to believe that the material is in any way accurate or meaningful, other than as opposition research that circulated among various government agencies and media outlets, all of whom passed on it because it reeks not of urine but of falsity.

Google Nexus 7 (16GB) Android Tablet Review and Giveaway
The Nexus 7 will handle any Android application you throw at it, from Gmail to advanced 3D games ... tapping back will go right back to the app you were in before. Genius. Other things feel a little inconsistent for a first time Android user; there.

BBC News Program Experiences the Most Awkward Glitch
Viewers of BBC’s News at Ten were entranced last night when a glitch in its system produced over four minutes of surreal beauty. As the program began, the usual opening rush of clips from around the world accompanied by dramatic music played. A breaking.

The Perfect Porsche 911 Really Does Exist And It's Lifted And Bright Purple
If there’s one car that really, truly got me into cars, it has to be the Porsche 911. I have seen many very good Porsche 911s in my lifetime, but Leh Keen’s off-road-ready Safari 6 911 may just be the best 911 I’ve ever seen. Everything about this.

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