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Stories for October 2016
posted: 10/31/2016 9:59 a.m. LEEDEY, Okla. — A large, weeklong manhunt for a suspect in a string of violent crimes, including the killing of two relatives, the shooting of three law enforcement officers and multiple carjackings, has ended in a police.

DARPA's New Machine for Blowing Out Fires—With Sound Waves
In the above video, a blast of sound easily conquers fire. When researchers from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA’s, placed two speakers on either side of the burning liquid fuel, the sound waves increased the air velocity and.

If You Are This Angry About Selling Your Car Maybe You Should Just Keep It
Selling a car privately can be a royal pain. With all of the dumb questions and low ballers it’s no wonder so many people just trade their old ride to the dealership. But if you have resorted to essentially yelling at your potential buyers, maybe private.

Google Nexus 7 (16GB) Android Tablet Review and Giveaway
The Nexus 7 will handle any Android application you throw at it, from Gmail to advanced 3D games ... tapping back will go right back to the app you were in before. Genius. Other things feel a little inconsistent for a first time Android user; there.

Whoops, Spotify's Web Player No Longer Works on Apple's Safari Browser
De La Soul performs at a Spotify event in New York in 2016. Music streaming service Spotify no longer officially supports Apple’s Safari browser, and Safari users who attempt to access it say they are being redirected to use another browser or download.

Updated! Hey, Here's That Obviously Fake 'Dossier' Claiming Trump Is Into Golden Showers!
There's no reason to believe that the material is in any way accurate or meaningful, other than as opposition research that circulated among various government agencies and media outlets, all of whom passed on it because it reeks not of urine but of falsity.

Sprint Samsung Intercept Review and Problems
The Samsung Intercept is a mid range smartphone destines to play nice on the Sprint network and is rumoured to replace the Samsung Moment and was launched by Sprint on the 11th of July, so did you get yours? Spec wise the Samsung Intercept sports a 3 inch.

How to Keep Your Social Media Creeping Private
You probably think you know how to keep your internet habits secret. “Clearing browser history is too obvious,” you say. “I just do all my sketchy stuff in an incognito window!” Okay, hot stuff, then let me ask you this: You ever search anything.

Hacker Reflects On 20 Years Of Exploiting MMO Security Flaws For Money
A hacker going by the name Manfred spent much of the last two decades finding ways to make money by manipulating the economies inside MMOs. This weekend he shared his story with a crowd at Def Con 2017 in Las Vegas and argued for better security in online.

What a stupid excuse for arresting reporters
So I was minding my own business last night watching TV when I saw this amazing commercial for Tylenol . I paused the TV and yelled for my husband to come into the room and I rewound and showed it.

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