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Nayak steps into Singhdeo's shoes
Niranjan asked. Sate BJP president Jual Oram alleged that illegal alcohol trade took place in connivance with excise and homes departments. "In this case, the government is attributing the deaths to consumption of medicinal preparations. Ergo, when.

Backlog at state lab leaves drug-impaired drivers on the road
BROWN DEER (WITI) -- It's no secret that Wisconsin has a serious problem with drunk driving. But a FOX6 Investigation finds a dramatic increase in drivers suspected of being on drugs. And that's causing a dangerous backlog in drug testing. It could be that.

Disney Duo Arrested in Insider Trading Scheme
They face a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison and a fine of at least $250,000. Bonnie apparently wanted Yonni to buy her a purse and some shoes with the proceeds. From the SEC’s complaint: Hoxie stated “here is the bag that you are going to get.

Classical Education Makes a Comeback
Seeking to pass on the wisdom of Western civilization, which was founded on Christian principles, a grassroots movement of parents, educators and others is reviving classical education in the Catholic tradition. Often developing their own curricula.

A Glass of Cold Water in Your Face: The Parable of the Unfaithful Servant; Reflections on Luke 17:1-10
Ten years ago our family moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Dallas, Texas. When the moving trucks showed up, I still hadn’t packed the small items in two of the downstairs rooms. In a panic, I started tossing things together in boxes with no.

Wyoming looks to adjust school funding model
The amount of money Wyoming schools receive from the state could change in the next few months. That's because schools are about to enter a process known as "recalibration," which takes place every five years. In May, a special legislative committee.

Another Volkswagen CKD plan grinds to a halt?
If the Volkswagen Polo were the price of a Honda City or a Toyota Vios, would it be part of your consideration if you were looking for your first non-national car? Volkswagen definitely hopes so, and even after 1) talks with Proton hit a dead end and 2) a.

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