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Protests as Japan re-opens nuclear power plant for the first time since Fukushima disaster led to shutdown over ... - Daily Mail
They were led by Naoto Kan, who was prime minister at the time of the Fukushima disaster and has now re-invented himself as an anti-nuclear activist. The 68-year-old told the crowd: 'Accidents are unpredictable, that's why they happen. And certainly.

'We caused great suffering and pain': Japan marks 66th anniversary since World War II surrender with sombre ceremony - Daily Mail
Japan marked the 66th anniversary of its surrender in World War II today with sombre remembrances across the country and a memorial in Tokyo led by the emperor. The ceremonies come as the country struggles to recover from this year's devastating&nbsp.

Bowing out: Japan's unpopular PM steps down after criticism over handling of tsunami and nuclear disasters - Daily Mail
Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan has stepped down after barely 15 months in office. Kan's announcement comes after his ..... Supermodel Claudia Schiffer, 47, displays her lean frame in a crocheted top with skinny jeans as she steps out to sign copies.

One man and his dog have only each other for company in Japanese town abandoned after earthquake - Daily Mail
Companions: Naoto Matsumura is thought to be the only resident left in the town Tomioka which is located near the doomed nuclear power plant Fukushima. In this nuclear no-man's land poisoned by radiation from a disaster-battered power plant, rice.

No decorations needed: The 26lb gold Christmas tree that's worth £1.3million... but it's not for sale - Daily Mail
The value of the gold is about $700,000 (£450,000) but the total value of the tree is much higher because of labour costs, said Naoto Mizuki, marketing general manager at the store. 'Considering the time it took to make, the designer and hard work put.

How the Japanese plan to turn the moon into a mirrorball: All of Earth's energy 'to be supplied by lunar ring of ... - Daily Mail
It sounds like something out of science fiction - a huge swathe of the moon covered with solar panels to beam captured energy back to Earth. But plans to turn the moon into a gigantic mirrorball manned by robots to provide all the Earth's energy came a.

Japan's Kobe Steel reports wider fudging of metals data - Daily Mail
In this Oct. 8, 2017 photo, Kobe Steel's Vice President Naoto Umehara, right, bows during a press conference in Tokyo. The Japanese government is urging steelmaker Kobe Steel to clarify the extent of manipulation of data on steel, aluminum and other&nbsp.

Eerie underwater images reveal the remnants of lives swept away by Japanese tsunami - Daily Mail
When the massive tsunami slammed into Japan entire towns and villages were left submerged, forgotten and frozen in time. Now, a team of scuba divers have released a series of incredible underwater images from below the waves, showing just some of the&nbsp.

'If he can't find his parents he can stay with mine and play with my toys': Heartbreaking letter to a tsunami ... - Daily Mail
It is a letter that even the steeliest of people would struggle to find touching. In fact, it was so touching that when eight-year-old Ashwin Cresswell's letter reached Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, she vowed to hand it to her Japanese.

Stray dogs, abandoned cows... and the rice farmers who refuse to go: The only living things left in Japan's nuclear ... - Daily Mail
Prime Minister Naoto Kan told parliament that Japan was grappling with its worst problems since World War II. 'This quake, tsunami and the nuclear accident are the biggest crises for Japan' in decades, he said, adding: 'From now on, we will continue to&nbsp.

Japan standards inspectors search Kobe Steel over faked data - Daily Mail
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Fukushima nuclear plant boss who stayed at his post to help deal with the meltdown crisis dies from cancer aged 58 - Daily Mail
Even then-Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who was extremely frustrated by TEPCO's initial lack of information and slow handling, said after meeting him that Yoshida could be trusted. On March 12, after Unit 1 reactor building exploded following a meltdown,&nbsp.

Fires STILL raging at stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor one month after it was destroyed by tsunami - Daily Mail
Prime Minister Naoto Kan attempted to calm a nervous nation by insisting that radiation leaks at the Fukushima plant were declining. 'Step by step, the reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi power plant are moving toward stability,' he said. But many.

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