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Nanotechnology for disaster relief and development cooperation - Nanowerk
Nanowerk Spotlight) The number of areas in which nanotechnology is applied is steadily increasing due to their unique role as cross-sectional technology. In the last few years, the versatile opportunities of nanotechnology predominantly received.

Discovery Suggests a New Avenue for Advancing Stem Cell Research - Discover Magazine (blog)
To address this problem, this team of scientists went back to stem cells' roots: they worked on swapping out the nucleus of a donated human egg and replacing it with a nucleus from a patient's cell, an approach that had been used in the early days of.

Will Your Next Furnace Be A Server Farm? - Discover Magazine (blog)
What's the News: Computers are hot. Too hot, really, for their own good—not only can laptops burn users' thighs, but big clusters of servers require constant air conditioning, leading cloud-computing companies to consider situating them in places like.

2 New Ways to Kick Heroin: A High-Blocking Injection, a Long-Lasting Implant - Discover Magazine (blog)
Presumably, this drug, derived from the African Iboga plant , offers long-lasting, if not permanent relief from the urge to relapse into opiate addiction. Treatment is currently available in Europe, Cancda and Mexico, and is expensive ($5k) according to.

Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets: Plague, MRSA, Meningitis… - Discover Magazine (blog)
Anyone who's watched a cat engage in a strenuous butt-licking session only to come over and start in on cleaning up your hand has probably wondered how healthy this can possibly be. Maryn McKenna over at Superbug has uncovered a paper that will&nbsp.

How Big Data and Analytics Can Transform Manufacturing
So if you make shoes, cars, drugs — everyone who makes those different things wants to know the same things. So one counterintuitive lesson has been that working with a variety of industries is helping us develop a very robust approach. We use the exact.

Evolution of Flight: Did Early Birds Run and Flap Before They Flew? - Discover Magazine (blog)
“I would argue that studying the proto-wings of juvenile, still-developing birds might provide a useful avenue by which to approach the problem of the earliest flyers,” he says (via CABINET). “Rather than concentrating on the arboreal/cursorial divide.

Europe's nutrition 'Silicon Valley' propelling a new generation of startups -
Europe's nutrition ' Silicon Valley' propelling a new generation of startups ... “We see more companies aspiring to the stereotypical Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in tennis shoes or in his garage making new products and becoming millionaires.

Danger, Stem Cell Tourists: Patient in Thailand Dies From Treatment - Discover Magazine (blog)
I tried the research approach at Texas Univerisity and the one in Florida they but rejected me because of my Hep C I contracted through the Military with a transfusion during Vietnam. I do not have liver disease it is still formant but lurking. I.

Candid Camera Study in Afghanistan Gives Hope for Snow Leopards - Discover Magazine (blog)
The Wildlife Conservation Society's approach emphasizes that local people should have a stake in the leopard's survival because it is part of their nation's heritage, and thus are training locals to be rangers who will enforce the laws concerning poaching.

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