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BART Is Now A Moving Sanctuary City
The resolution bars the use of district funds to enforce federal immigration law, unless required to by federal or state statute, regulation or court decision. BART police officers are not allowed to assist or cooperate in the investigation or arrest of a.

That really IS a sweet ride: Dutch students grow their own car from sugar beets and flax sheets - Daily Mail
What's made of sugar , can carry four people and travel at 50 miles (80 km) per hour? A biodegradable car, whose inventors say could be the next step in environmentally friendly motoring. The lightweight electric car, created by students in the.

Creationist who sued the Grand Canyon for religious discrimination, after being denied the right to remove 60 rocks ... - Daily Mail
A creationist who sued the Grand Canyon for refusing him to collect 50 to 60 fist- sized rocks has dropped the lawsuit after national park authorities caved into his request. Andrew Snelling who believes the Grand Canyon formed after Noah's flood - and.

Man affectionately mocks girlfriend's inspirational wellness photos with hilarious pictures of drawn-on abs and hot ... - Daily Mail
Ted's pictures of unhealthy meals such as this tray of turkey dinosaurs are accompanied by equally witty captions which mock the way fitness bloggers write on Instagram. For this snap, Ted takes a stab at the 'raw' food movement by saying he's.

First a recycled rocket, now a second hand spacecraft: SpaceX attempt to launch Dragon capsule for the SECOND time ... - Daily Mail
It has already sent a previously flown rocket into orbit - and now Elon Musk's SpaceX plans to do the same with a spacecraft. Liftoff is now targeted for Saturday at 5:07pm ET after today's attempt was scrubbed due to weather conditions, even though.

You dummies! South Korea appears to blow up a guard during display of bunker-busting missile's pinpoint accuracy ... - Daily Mail
This is the moment a mysterious figure was blown up in a video showcasing the pinpoint accuracy of South Korea's bunker-busting missiles. Seoul tested a Hyunmoo Missile II during combined military exercises with the United States with the weapon seen&nbsp.

Mongolian woman mummy buried a thousand a years ago wearing 'ADIDAS boots' and with a knife that's still shiny ... - Daily Mail
Ancient mummy 'with 1,100 year old Adidas boots' died after she was struck on the head - Siberian Times Siberian Times.

Antiques Roadshow expert Katherine Higgins is devastated after her two labradors die in the hot weather - Daily Mail
An Antiques Roadshow star is devastated after her two beloved labradors died in hot weather. Antiques expert Katherine Higgins, 50, is thought to have taken her two dogs for a walk with her husband, Thomas, on Saturday June 10. The vintage fashion&nbsp.

One lump of milk or two? Researchers unveil solid 'pods' for tea and coffee that you'll never spill - Daily Mail
As the solution cools, the excess sugar moves to the edge of the liquid, forming crystals, while the milk- sugar solution fills up the interior. The team used sucrose to encapsulate the milk in a high level of sweetness and erythritol for a medium level.

Kim Jong-un's wife is seen for first time in months as the pair attend a lavish banquet (complete with rocket ... - Daily Mail
Kim was roundly applauded by hundreds of his elite officials and was seen clinking glasses with his closest advisers as they toasted the success of the rocket trial. Ri, who was wearing a light blue outfit, has become renowned for using expensive.

No pain, no fame: Jackass vet Steve-O suffers major burns after pouring rocket engine fuel on himself during stunt ... - Daily Mail
Steve-O Snow Angels in Rocket Fuel Makes 'Jackass' Look Tame

2017 Fourth of July festivities in Las Vegas area
An all-you-can-eat-and-drink menu will be available in the exclusing on-field party zone and there will be a hot dog eating contest and more. Tickets are $16 in advance, $17 on the day of the game. A fireworks show is scheduled for 9 p.m. July 4 at Las.

A new home for humanity? Saturn's largest moon Titan has enough energy to run a colony of 300 MILLION people - Daily Mail
Saturn's moon Titan has enough energy to house a colony of 300 million people, according to a study which offers new hope for long-term human life in space. This Earth-like moon has long been tipped as a future home for humanity as it is protected from&nbsp.

Has this man found the secret of happiness? Mo was a Google executive obsessed by devising a scientific formula for ... - Daily Mail
One click — and I had bought a vintage Rolls-Royce. Another click — and I bought a second. Just like that. It might sound like something from your wildest dreams, but this was just an average evening for me. Successful, wealthy and at the pinnacle of.

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