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These Motorized 'Rocket Skates' Are For Real
Treadway is crowdfunding his latest project, RocketSkates, on Kickstarter. Essentially, they're motorized wheels that you strap onto your shoes. Think roller sneakers ... There are three models: "Rocket Red," "Terminator Chrome" and "Deep Space Black.

ACTON R Electric Powered Rocket Skates Unveiled (video)
If you are looking for a new mode of transport you might be interested in these new Rocket ... shoes. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Rocket Skates project and see it in action. The Rocket Skates project is currently over on the.

Shark Tank With Ashton Kutcher: Twitter Reactions To Acton Rocket Skates
Treadway raised over $500,000.00 from a Kickstarter project ending last August 2014 ... Strap-in Design: Allows you to wear almost any shoe you want and strap in to the Rocket Skates. The Skates come with an adjustable footplate for both large and small.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for Levitation Display
We are looking forward to seeing what kind of amazing projects people come up with. Don't forget to send us some images!" The high-performance levitation display will be launched on Kickstarter ... a space rocket, or a sports shoe, and the base can.

Rocket Skates Are Real, Top Out At Around 20km/h And Strap To Your Shoes
You can wait for a hoverboard, or you can strap on these nifty rocket skates instead. Today’s biggest winner on Kickstarter is a company called ACTON, which posted a project called ACTON ... which strap on over your shoes and blew past their target.

She’s A Rocket Girl… And So’s He. Amy And Brandon At San Diego Comic Con
It’s only Day 2, and Brandon Montclare has already torn a hole in his shoe. His collaborator ... to discuss their latest project, Rocket Girl. Last we spoke the two were in the midst of their Kickstarter campaign for the comic with an unannounced.

Interview: Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak on their Kickstarter project 'Code Monkey'
Today, Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new comic based ... and of course, "The Christmas Shoes," starring Rob Lowe. And "Code Monkey" joins this list of songs that became fully-realized stories.

Kickstarter Raises Over $400,000 For Bill Nye’s Solar Sail Spacecraft
The group of space enthusiasts set up a Kickstarter page to raise ... That means it doesn’t need expensive rocket fuel and it can keep accelerating (to a point) so long as it has light. For example, the LightSail project has a $5.45 million dollar.

Kickstarter: spnKiX Are Motorized Shoes – Yes, Motorized Shoes
Some projects you want to succeed just because they’re something ... But I don’t think I’ll be buying rocket shoes or wheelies until there’s something a little more elegant. But in the meantime it will be a comfort to my inner child that these.

RocketSkates Kickstarter Blasts Past Funding Goal in 24 Hours
Seeking only $50,000 in funding, the Kickstarter project for the ACTON R RocketSkates has raised over $140,000 in less than four days. While they aren't actually rocket-powered skates ... Just keep your shoes on, strap in, and control your speed and.

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