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Skateboarding & Color Coordination — A Retrospective
Menswear, an entity with which skating has become increasingly intertwined of late (via Vogue Skateboarding Magazine, etc.), has all kinds of rules. No black belt with brown shoes. No wearing ... so there was never a prouder time to be a Sixers fan.

How Vans Skated Past a Big Retail Milestone - Fortune
Vans, the highly popular, eternally youthful skater footwear brand, hit a major milestone last year: It eclipsed The North Face juggernaut as apparel giant VF's top-selling brand. The 51-year-old Vans ... The brand has countless Generation X fans.

The GQ skateboard blog - GQ.com
Now, if that's not the coolest inspiration for a skate shoe design, then I really don't know what is. As for the technical details, Malto says, 'We slimmed up the sides and made it a little more modern. I went up to [Nike HQ in] Oregon a few times for.

Inside 032c, the German Magazine That’s Also a Cult Streetwear Brand
032c is the quintessential magazine for a generation that feels no obligation to systems and structures put in place before its time. It is a publication that ... One show featured punk and skate photography by Glen E. Friedman; another was on Metabolism.

Meet Gus Tanaka, a Vintage-Obsessed Skater with Major Moves - Vogue.com
“My mom scored this Pepsi rugby for me at an estate sale in Denver. We were on opposite sides of a waterbed digging through a mountain of retro clothes, and she would throw random cool pieces to me across the mountain of clothes on it. This was one of&nbsp.

A look back at some of Bam Margera's best skateboarding footage - GrindTV
After a tumultuous few years that saw Margera lose his best friend Ryan Dunn, succumb to alcohol abuse and give up skateboarding for five years, Margera is back in a huge way after new skateboarding footage of him and an interview popped up on the.

Willy Santos, first Filipino-American pioneer of skateboarding
Thrasher Magazine, one of the premier skate ... signature shoe made by Vans. The awards and accolades are impressive in itself but what makes Santos awe-inspiring is that he accomplished all of this while he was still a teenager and during a time when.

UPDATED: Pro skateboarders involved in fatal Vashon Island crash - Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber (subscription)
The King County Medical Examiner on Thursday identified Preston Maigetter, 45, also an islander and longtime professional skateboarder and video producer for Thrasher magazine , as the passenger who died at the scene of the crash. An early Thursday.

A 40-year-old, $60 skate shoe is one of the coolest things in fashion right now - Quartz
It was a low-top skate shoe , decorated along its side with a single squiggly line, called the “jazz stripe,” that had originated as a random doodle by Vans co-founder Paul Van Doren. At the time , the shoe was known as the “Style 36,” but since then it.

Heath Kirchart's Guide to Life Post-Skateboarding - VICE en_us
So it's weird that in 2011, when he was 33 and one of the most popular skateboarders in the world, Heath filmed a farewell video part for Emerica's Stay Gold. After the video's release, he asked Emerica to quit making his pro shoe , asked Alien Workshop.

A Most American Terrorist: The Making of Dylann Roof - GQ Magazine
He was dressed in the sort of getup that a man wears when life hasn't presented him with many opportunities to wear a suit: a worn crewneck sweater and thick polyester khakis that hung low over cheap-looking brown leather dress shoes . During two stages.

Review: South Sound exhibits explore contemporary art with ancient roots - The Seattle Times
Some of the other works that push the envelope: a skateboard deck and shoes embellished by Seattle-based Louie Gong, hot-sculpted prismatic glass art by Dan Friday, an exquisite garment woven by Gail White Eagle and paintings by Roger Fernandes and&nbsp.

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